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Senate Meeting Minutes 05/05/2023


Associated Students
Sonoma State University
AS Senate Meeting
1:00pm- Friday, May 5, 2023

Erin Fisher Room- Associated Students 2nd Floor Student Center

*Note: This meeting will be recorded*


  1. Call to Order & reading of the Land acknowledgement- The meeting was called to order at:
  2. Roll Call- Gerald Jones, Clayton Trent, Salvador Ochoa, Salvador Garcia Vigil, Haley Azevado, Maia Madrigal, Erik Dickson, Victoria Lopez, Dirk Tolson are present. Vanessa Sanchez came but tardy and excused;
  3. Public Comment – pursuant to California Education Code 89306, the AS Senate provides this time for any member of the public to address the AS Senate on any item affecting higher education. Pursuant to California Education Code 89306(b), each speaker will be allowed no more than three (3) minutes to address the AS Senate.
  4. Liaison Report to the Senate (Discussion)
    • Academic Senate Designee- no report;
    • University President’s Designee- Dr. Jones reported; Student Health Center hired a new physician, Dr. Andre; NO COVID 19 cases, Sexual Assault Awareness Month last month; CAPS currently hiring for the Mental Health Ambassador program; 650 unique students going into individual therapy sessions; 11 hospitalizations; discussing on how to deal and discuss with mental health on SSU; ensuring students knowing necessary resources and making sure communicating and identifying on if people are in crisis or just having a bad day; SHC and CAPS are open; TRIO student graduation yesterday, EOP, MAVRC, graduation ceremonies; Transfer Group B Orientation is today; CARE Cases: 70 with no transports;
  5. Guests
    • ​Emily Acosta Lewis, Hayden Kinney & Jordan Rose- reported: SSU Identify Statement; team of staff and faculty working on equity issues on campus; Chancellor's Office making this team to work on the equity issues including Tremaine; 3 day conferences how to work and improve the equity issues; faculty training is the first step; working on how students placed and how to support with certain classes, radar: grading, testing, tenure vs graduate; contract grading; eliminating subjective variables by the professors;
  6. Reports (Discussion)
    • ​AS President- reported: heads up, next meeting is at 2 for the last Senate meeting;
    • Vice President of Finance- no report
    • Senator of Diversity - no report
    • Senator of Student Resources- no report
    • Senator of Government Affairs- CSSA in Bakersfield, new President and Govt Affairs will be in attendance;
    • JUMP Representative- last volunteer event is tomorrow and Study bUddies programming was yesterday and waiting for feedback from both schools;
    • Basic Needs Representative- new presentation; Pantry, received orders last week, 120 students; this week, 88; LAst year, 1600; This year, 2075 students;
    • ASP Representative- Tuesday: Make Your Mark, in future, an event needs to be connected; Post Secret, 50 students attended, $6/per student; LOBO’s Market: 100 students came and went; 11$/per student; the numbers of other vendors, students, are still pending; Night at the Theatre, tickets ran out this week;
    • Children's School Representative- preparing for graduation celebration; enrollment: same number with this year; TRENCH project is completed, fences and transformers are in progress of renovation;
    • Student Government Representative- report: High Activity and Scholarship closed on April 30th; reviewing and collabing with the HUB and tabling with Campus Climate Survey around 800 responses last week;
    • Executive Director- End of Year wrapping up; 1 week left of Office; emails needs to be cleaned, transition reports; thinking about transition; next week is swear in ceremony of the new Team, ran out of Student Fees a week ago approximately; nearing to Reserves;
  7. Business
    • V.I.B.E.S. Expansion (ACTION)
      • Discussion- Senator Sanchez is discussing of the VIBES REACH Resolution; still working on the resolution and make it more finelined; if you have suggestions or comments, let Senator Sanchez know; Senator Ochoa motioned to table the VIBES expansion Resolution for the next Board; Senator Sanchez seconded the motion;
    • b. Liberal Arts Identity Statement (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez discussing of the SSU Identify Statement, coming from the AMP Committee, and having a discussion on the statement; suggestions on adding about student life, resources and organizations so incoming students will know that aspect in SSU; another suggestion is thinking about substance of our university instead of just the beauty aspect; another one is talking about co curricular and expanding more on that instead of just 1 sentence;
    • c. Student Bill of Rights Committee (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez is discussing on how seeing who would be on this specific Committee to work on the Student Bill of Rights, including possibly Board and other student Leaders on what to input;
  8. Items for the Good of the Order- STUDY, Finals Breakfast; Senate Meeting at 2 next week;
  9. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at: 2:29 pm

Posted in accordance with the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Law of 2000 by: President Nataly Hernandez

The Associated Students of Sonoma State University acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land. Let it be acknowledged that the Associated Students and Sonoma State University is located within the traditional homelands of the indigenous peoples collectively known as Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo.