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Senate Meeting Minutes 04/21/23


Associated Students
Sonoma State University
AS Senate Meeting
1:00pm- Friday, April 21, 2023

Erin Fisher Room- Associated Students 2nd Floor Student Center

*Note: This meeting will be recorded*


  1. Call to Order & reading of the Land acknowledgement- The meeting was called to order at: 1:03 pm
  2. Roll Call- Clayton Trent, Nataly Hernandez, Maia Madrigal, Salvador Garcia Vigil, Erik Dickson, Melissa Nelson, Victoria Lopez, Haley Azevado, Dirk Tolson, Salvador Ochoa are present.
  3. Public Comment – pursuant to California Education Code 89306, the AS Senate provides this time for any member of the public to address the AS Senate on any item affecting higher education. Pursuant to California Education Code 89306(b), each speaker will be allowed no more than three (3) minutes to address the AS Senate.
  4. Liaison Report to the Senate (Discussion)
    • ​Academic Senate Designee- no report; curfew ordinance and meeting next week on Tuesday from 9:45 am- 10 am with the Chief of Police and suggesting any input;
    • University President’s Designee- report; 200 students participated in Mental Health Fair; CAPS no waitlist; drop in services during finals week; 1 COVID 19 case, last week of registration, goal of students registering is 95%; if you know students who have not registered, send them to advising; Men's Lacrosse 2nd place, Women's Lacrosse, 2nd place; Rowing Team; Seawolf Decision Day;
  5. Guests
  6. Reports (Discussion)
    • AS President- no report;
    • Vice President of Finance- President Budget Advisory Committee; Budget 23/24,; 14 million deficit initially, but rising up to 17 million; but estimated, the deficit should be down to 9 million by the next couple years or so;
    • Senator of Diversity - Campus Climate Survey;
    • Senator of Student Resources- concern coming up about non- SSU students attending an on campus dance and issues around policy of being patted down if they are not a student of SSU; Director Dickson added that since there are not a lot of dances on campus, there is not a set policy when it comes to non-SSU students;
    • Senator of Government Affairs- meeting with City Council the 2nd tuesday in May(May 9th), bringing the new senator of government affairs and Senator Sanchez to discuss about the
      campus ordinance;
    • JUMP Representative- report; 2 Events coming up: Voter Appreciation,May 4th, Beach Clean Up, May 6th; Special Olympics Basketball Clinic, 31 student volunteers,(3 hours each) total student hours: 90; Study Buddies still going on and working on programming for next semester and engagement for volunteers;
    • Basic Needs Representative- Calfresh Onboarding Binder, Pantry: got a donation from, Redwood Food Bank; pantry is full, many different items, collab with JUMP for a special event for Voter Appreciation Event on May 4th; This week, 86 people; total of this year, 1246; Event Scheduled:End of Year Food Drive, May 8th-19th;
    • ASP Representative- report: 2 events, Flower Power Hour(Earth Day), different stations and activities, flower related; 50 students stopped by, $16/ student; OpenMic Nite outside at the Alumni Theater; 45 students came, $12/student; Upcoming: Lunch and Toons on Person Lawn on next Thursday; Make Your Mark in May(mural);
    • Children's School Representative- report: Mental Health Fair, kids went and one of the student parent was one of the Mental Health Ambassadors, turnout was really good; Seawolf Decision Day; Trench dug through the school, electrical relocation for the next 4-5 weeks; search for new teacher, 1 interview and 1 application for now; 48 families enrolled for summer, so busy for the duration of summer and the next year; working on Advisory and tuition increase;
    • Student Government Representative- report: 2 on agenda; AS Grant due on April 30th, High Activity Grant is also open and due on April 30th;
    • Executive Director- transition and cleanup document; things to think for passing down, so the new Board is comfortable and also prepared as well; Seawolf Decision Day; AS Gala on May 11th at 5-8 @ LA ROSA;
  7. Business
    • Student Bill of Rights Resolution (ACTION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez discussed about the Resolution of the Bill of Rights, so it is set in stone and so when the whole document is completed, it will be ready to go; it should be done before the end of the Fall 2023 semester, published on the AS website; so if anyone want to suggest or comment, please let President know;
      • ACTION- Senator Ochoa motioned to approve the Student Bill of Right Resolution; Senator Sanchez seconded the motion; The motion passed unanimously;
    • 23/24 Budget (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- Vice President of Finance Trent is discussing about the General AS Budget of 23/24; Executive Director Dickson is showing the comparisons of the budget request from current to past;
    • Augmenting diversity programs and events on campus (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- Senator Ochoa is going over the Increasing Belonging Resolution, where at least 2 open forums, collabing with AS and Senator of Student resources; if you have any suggestions or input, let Senator Ochoa know; President Hernandez asked if there are any alternative options for the students who can not be able to make it, such as a survey; Senator Sanchez also think a questionnaire with a QR code; a concern is Marketing Team member being involved; since that
        person is an employee, there is an accountability risk and issue; the resolution should be in the front view, not the rearview, since we want this to implemented;
  8. Items for the Good of the Order-Seawolf Decision Day; Make sure to fill out the Campus Climate Survey; Register for classes; Department Office Hours(Drop in Hours);
  9. Adjournment- The meeting was adjourned at: 2:30 pm

Posted in accordance with the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Law of 2000 by: Nataly Hernandez

The Associated Students of Sonoma State University acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land. Let it be acknowledged that the Associated Students and Sonoma State University is located within the traditional homelands of the indigenous peoples collectively known as Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo.