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Senate Meeting Minutes 04/07/23


Associated Students
Sonoma State University
AS Senate Meeting
1:00pm- Friday, April 7, 2023

Erin Fisher Room- Associated Students 2nd Floor Student Center

*Note: This meeting will be recorded*


  1. Call to Order & reading of the Land acknowledgement- The meeting was called to order at: 1:03 pm
  2. Roll Call- Nataly Hernandez, Maia Madrigal, Erik Dickson, Salvador Ochoa, Salvador Garcia Vigi, Victoria Lopez, Bryan Burton, Gerald Jones, Vanessa Sanchez, Haley Azvaedo, Khanh Dao. Senator Trent was absent but excused and absent and unexcused for Tolson.
  3. Public Comment – pursuant to California Education Code 89306, the AS Senate provides this time for any member of the public to address the AS Senate on any item affecting higher education. Pursuant to California Education Code 89306(b), each speaker will be allowed no more than three (3) minutes to address the AS Senate.
  4. Liaison Report to the Senate (Discussion)
    • ​Academic Senate Designee- had their elections, new chair and vice chair; Next step is to
      invite the new chair and have them to continuing to work and collaborate with AS;
    • University President’s Designee- Congratulations for the vote total participation, dogs on campus this past week, CAPS has no waitlist, schedule an appointment by yourself or group therapy; Seawolf Scholars; Student Engagement with lots of events this month; COVID- 2 cases; mental health is a concern throughout students;
  5. Guests
    • ​Julie Vivas-OPHD- reported about: Introduction to Title IX; Cozen Report concluded and Assessment; Title IX firstly associated with athletics, but overall in college institutions, along with other legislations such as VAWA, HIPAA, FERPA, Title VII, Clery, ADA and many more that expanded into other forms of discrimination; offices that involved at SSU with Title IX are REACH, SMART, Athletics, The HUb, UPD, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and various more offices that deal with issues related to Title IX. The overall CSU policy : committed to maintaining an inclusive and equitable community that values diversity and fosters mutual respect; OPHD office @ 2nd floor International Hall or by email/online form; OPHD process: student/employee learns about policy violation, submits report, OPHD contacts complainant and sends them info about resources, the complainant choosing if they want to have an intake meeting with the staff and after the meeting, the Complainant chooses if they want to file a formal complaint; Investigation Process; Formal Complaint Filed, Accepted or referred, Formal Investigation, Evidence Review, Hearing/ Decision, and Appeal; In some Cases, there might be an Early Resolution, if it is reached and agreed, process ends; training with different departments and educate the student body. Need student input on the PAC;
  6.  Reports (Discussion)
    • ​AS President- reported: Academic Master Plan forum next Tuesday in the Kitchens, registration coming up so advising;
    • Vice President of Finance- reported: Finance Committee completed their request, discussing about budget, deadline of April 28th to approve the budget;
    • Senator of Diversity-academic policy last week, course modality, meeting last week with Nataly referring to the laundry rooms; Academic Master Plan Forum, please be in attendance;
    • Senator of Student Resources- recently, nightside meeting, IT Projects Dashboard, more projects update along with the active, 20 projects approved and 19 in progress; Zoom Migrations;
    • Senator of Government Affairs- CSSA last week and meeting with Mayor Rodriguez;
    • JUMP Representative- Days of Service, 5 events, 2 of the events are full; last week, first info session for JUMP and positive feedback and working on future events; 2nd week for Study Buddies, improving on communication between JUMP and the volunteers who are signing up; Special Olympics and Disability Awareness Week next week;
    • Basic Needs Representative- highlights: Info Day from 11-1pm; Panera will be provided, creating financial literacy spreadsheet and marketing strategy; Lobo’s Pantry, donation from Redwood Food Bank; CSU Trustee visited the campus; Giving Day was yesterday; over 2 weeks, 87 students come in, and 84 students; for MArch, 362 students overall going into the Pantry; Next week is Fashion Swap, ASP collab with BNI; set the date of the end of year food drive May 8-19th;
    • ASP Representative- Smash Your Stress, Rage Room; events have not been a lot since the rain and weather; 200 students came to the events; $23/student; Events for Next week: Monday, Barnyard Bash, Tuesday: Fashion Swap & Trivia Night; Thursday and Friday, Free Senior Pics at GMC, sign up; new ASP onboarded soon; new events will be planned with returning ASPers, Big Nite discussion and planning;
    • Children's School Representative- reported; 2 things, revise our summer hours effective May 30th; prepared the Advisory Committee to increase and request tuition at the Children’s School; 47 kids at the School;
    • Student Government Representative- reported: open positions still open, interviews coming up; AS Scholarships and Grants coming up and applications opened, deadline is April 30th;
    • Executive Director- hiring in all areas; JUMP discussed with him with numbers and focusing on the volunteer turnout with proposal; preparing wrap up mode; May 12 is last Senate session;
  7. Business
    • Resolution Priorities (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez discussing of a few resolutions are in progress, and seeing what resolution can be passed and finished before the semester ending;
    • Student Bill of Rights Resolution (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez discussing about the Student Bill of Rights resolution; draft of Student Bill of Rights Resolution/action plan, but the official resolution is not completed as of yet, but should be completed before next Spring semester; concerns of accountability within in and outside of the classroom; it should be brought up to the Cabinet, Dean, Academic Senate to be known and aware; it is a work in progress currently and President is open to all suggestions for the Bill of Rights;
    • University Committees (DISCUSSION)
      • Discussion- President Hernandez discussing about the topic of University committees, concern of student input and not enough students to be involved in the committees, give the students enough time to know about the Committee; COVID has been a stressor for the committees and just rebuilding back up to a norm; Madelyn Elena is currently researching all of the CSU websites on how to improve the website and including the committees and making it aware for the Student Body;
  8. Items for the Good of the Order- CSU no longer with COVID-19 procedure/vaccine;
  9. Adjournment - The meeting was adjourned at: 2:29 pm

Posted in accordance with the Gloria Romero Open Meeting Law of 2000 by: Nataly Hernandez

The Associated Students of Sonoma State University acknowledges Indigenous Peoples as the traditional stewards of the land. Let it be acknowledged that the Associated Students and Sonoma State University is located within the traditional homelands of the indigenous peoples collectively known as Coast Miwok and Southern Pomo.