Student Government

The Student Government exists to serve the students at Sonoma State University through awareness, advocacy, and representation. The AS Senate serves as the official voice for all the students of Sonoma State University. We also work to empower students of SSU to engage in shared governance, representing the student perspective to members of the campus community through leadership and active citizenship.

Student Representative for a Committee Request Form

As part of the shared governance of the campus the Associated Students is responsible to appoint/nominate all students for campus wide committees, task forces, etc.  For university faculty, staff and administrators seeking student representatives for a committee please fill out the Student Representative for a Committee Request Form.

Students volunteering to serve on a University Committee Form

Students and student voices are vital to the governance of the university. Being a student representative to a university committee is a great way to ensure the student voice is heard in the decision making process of the campus. Student representatives to university committees is an excellent leadership opportunity and committee reps often move on to take on leadership positions in the Associated Students. If you are interested in serving as a Student Rep to a University Committee, please fill out the Volunteering to serve on a University Committee Form.