Get Involved with ASP

If you are interested in event planning, networking opportunities, or in general want to get involved on campus, ASP may be the team for you!

We are not currently hiring for the ASP Event Director position, but we encourage interested students to volunteer as an ASP PALS member.

About the PALS Program

If you’re interested in volunteer work, community building, possible job opportunities, and more Associated Student Productions welcomes you to join the Planning and Logistics Support Program (PALS)! The PALS program is a great way to get your foot in the door for all things event planning. By joining PALS, you can assist ASP with campus events, earn academic volunteer hours, and even input your own ideas for student events. PALS will allow you to shadow the ASP team so you can get a better understanding of the logistics of event planning. If you participate with PALS you also have the chance to win exclusive student gear and prizes!

Interested? Please contact us at 707.664.4061 or email